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Contract research and consulting services

The University of Auckland Innovation Institute offers universities, research organisations, governments and companies around the world access to the University of Auckland Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, its technology and its expertise; or assistance to develop their own entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The University of Auckland Innovation Institute provides:

• Support to researchers and help them grow their research portfolios, increasing the impact of research on society and expanding the value of research outputs.

• Mutually-beneficial relationships with research funders and commercial clients, bringing the external worldview into the University research environment.

• Identification, protection and development of the intellectual property that arises from the University's world-class research.

• Commercialisation of University-sourced technology and innovations, developing and investing in the commercial potential of new ideas produced by University staff and students.

• Social and economic benefits of research outputs to the wider community across New Zealand.


The University of Auckland Innovation Institute can provide expertise in consulting, processes and systems including:

  • Contract research across a host of disciplines from the extensive research expertise based at the University for client‑based or co-developed technologies.
  • Provision of model operating processes and procedures for identification, protection, management and commercialisation of intellectual property and contract research.
  • Set up of systems for coaching and mentoring research and commercialisation staff.
  • Audits of research programmes and commercialisation progress.
  • Audits and reviews of current commercialisation structures, organisation, culture, processes, systems and capabilities, and development of detailed plans for change.
  • Workshops for researchers to develop ideas and inventions into business plans.